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What we offer:

At SKY DENTAL CONCEPT, top specialists will provide you with the most modern dental services at competitive prices, and we will also provide you with:

Free luxury accommodation near the office

Transportation to and from the airport

Office staff always available

Highest quality service

About dental tourism

The term medical tourism means traveling to another country to undergo a specific medical procedure or treatment.

One of the branches of medical tourism is dental tourism. It follows a similar model, and like medical tourism, is increasingly popular around the world.

Dental tourism is based on the concept of combining travel with dental procedures.

The motivation for this type of tourism and for choosing a specific destination comes from several factors:

Saving money

Better and faster dental procedures

Quality dental materials and modern work methods that are not available to dental tourists in the country where they live

Tourist offer of the country

Differences in the economy, lower labor costs and lower overhead costs mean that prices can be several times lower, and all dental treatments are according to standards that are respected even in the richest countries.


The most frequently requested services are:

  1. Implantology
  2. Prosthetics
  3. Oral surgery, for which our practice is closely specialized.

The equipment and materials we use are according to all world standards, originating from the European Union.

Dental services are provided according to an established protocol with staff who are constantly improving – so our services are according to all world standards, which numerous awards and certificates prove.

Prices for dental services are up to 70% lower compared to Germany, Great Britain, Austria..

In case you are interested in our dental services, you can see the prices here:

Important information:

For foreign citizens and persons residing abroad we issue invoices for reimbursement of treatment costs based on health insurance.


We are located just a few hundred meters away from the dental clinic, situated in the heart of the city.

Our accommodation is perfectly positioned in the oldest part of Belgrade, close to Kalemegdan Park and alongside the Sava and Danube rivers.

At Sky Dental Concept, we are dedicated to providing meticulous care and attention to your smile.

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