The revolution of dental diagnostics

Discover precision and comfort with state-of-the-art intraoral scanners

Advanced technology for accurate diagnosis: Explore the benefits of intraoral scanners

An intraoral scanner is a modern device used to take impressions of teeth in dentistry.

Intraoral scanning and digital dentistry bring with them numerous advantages, which are based on speed, accuracy and comfort for the patient.

The intraoral scanner provides comfort and precision and saves time.

In accordance with the concept of our work and the idea of constantly improving the quality of our services, we use intraoral scanners in our dental practice.

Due to the digital taking of dental impressions, in the SKY DENTAL CONCEPT office, you can expect extremely precise production of crowns, veneers, dental bridges and other prosthetic works.

If you remember taking impressions as an unpleasant experience, you no longer have a reason to delay the start of prosthetic work or the smile transformation you’ve been wanting for a long time.

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About the intraoral scanner

The intraoral scanner takes several thousand high-resolution photos from close range, more precisely in the patient’s mouth, which provides an extremely accurate record of the state of the mouth.

Also, the use of an intraoral scanner means that there are no more discomforts caused by the impression material when taking an impression of the teeth.

Previously, taking an impression required a spoon with impression material, which was inserted into the patient’s mouth, for each jaw individually. This process involved more or less discomfort, from disgust due to the unpleasant taste, all the way to the urge to vomit.

Apart from the fact that this device drastically facilitates the process of taking impressions, and achieves exceptional precision, it is also gained in speed, so now the production of prosthetic works takes less time and often requires fewer visits to the dentist, saving your time.

8 advantages of intraoral scanner and digital dentistry

  • Reduced discomfort when taking impressions.

  • No more uncomfortable impression spoons, impression material that gets stuck in the patient’s throat and causes a gag reflex.

  • The speed of the impression is more than twice as short as compared to the classic impression, which means that we finish scanning the teeth of both jaws in 3 minutes. The shooting speed is from 70 FPS to 100 FPS (photos per second)!

  • The precision of the scanner we use is at the level of 11 micrometers. If a certain inaccuracy of the impression happens, then we repeat the scan of only that region, that tooth – we don’t have to re-take an impression of the entire jaw as before.

  • Digital dentistry enables easier planning, as well as clearer presentation to patients and more meaningful consultations. We are enabled to create extremely precise models for analysis as well as temporary works for clinical presentation. That way you are included in the key points of the process!

  • The speed of making prosthetic works – inlays, onlays, veneers, luminaries, crowns, both on implants and on teeth – is shortened.
    In the laboratory, the production of plaster models is skipped, which further slows down the process. Plaster models meant that the tooth and jaw model was cut from prefabricated ceramic disks, finished, fired and sent to the doctor’s office. Thanks to intraoral scanners, work in the laboratory is not only faster, but also more precise and cleaner.

  • The precision of making crowns and all other prosthetic works is at the highest possible level.

  • Most importantly, the aesthetic effect and appearance of digitally created crowns is outstanding.


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