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What is endodontics?

Endodontics is a branch of dentistry whose goal is the treatment of diseased dental pulp – both in the crown and root part of the tooth – as well as the tissues surrounding the tooth root. In cases where advanced caries or dental trauma cause disease of the dental pulp, then the tooth can be saved with endodontic treatment.

Endodontic therapy includes

Proper diagnosis

Channel instrumentation

Root canal filling

How do you know if you are a candidate for tooth filling or endodontic therapy?

Initial symptoms can be very similar – primarily pain and swelling. If any of the above is bothering you, make an appointment as soon as possible! When endodontic treatment of a diseased tooth is carried out in time, more damage can be avoided.

Endodontics and its techniques

At our SKY DENTAL CONCEPT office, we use the most modern techniques and endodontic instruments for pulp therapy. These are primarily hand and machine instruments based on nickel-titanium alloys (Ni-Ti).

Advantages of machine instrumentation

Mechanical techniques of tooth root canal preparation compared to work with manual instruments allow:

  • More efficient cleaning and channel shaping
  • More precise preparation to the desired limit
  • Faster and better quality work while reducing possible complications.

During the process of machining the canal, nickel-titanium rotating instruments are used, which are driven via the endodontic elbow, usually with a reduced speed of rotation. Nickel-titanium instruments have a high degree of elasticity and flexibility, due to which there is less possibility of instrument breakage and greater safety. The efficiency of cutting infected dentin is increased compared to working with manual expanders and files. This is especially important when processing the root canals of the lateral teeth, which can be extremely curved and narrowed, which makes it difficult to adequately treat the teeth.

Most often, instruments with a passive, smooth tip that are not aggressive are used. Therefore, the possibility of errors such as formation of steps, perforation of the root canal and blockage of the canal by tissue detritus is reduced. It also affects the rare occurrence of postoperative sensitivity.

The device for mechanical expansion of the root canal includes an apex locator, which enables the determination of the length of each individual canal, in order to remove the entire contents from it. It is important to remove it accurately, because tooth gangrene can occur due to residual organic content.

A safe, effective and high-quality method of preparation influences the endodontic procedure to have a positive outcome.

The best performance in the therapy of an infected root canal is achieved when laser treatment of the tooth root canal is applied after the mechanical-drug therapy. The basic condition is that the channel is passable.

What is the connection between Prosthetics and Endodontics?

The connection between these two areas of dentistry is inextricable because endodontics often precedes prosthetic restorations. If a tooth undergoes endodontic treatment to save it, it is often necessary to place a prosthetic crown or other restoration to restore the strength, function and appearance of the tooth. Prosthetics and endodontics together play a key role in preserving teeth and ensuring long-term oral health.

Is it better to do endodontic treatment before or after teeth whitening?

In most cases, it is better to do endodontic treatment first and then teeth whitening. However, the situation may depend on the specific circumstances, so bleaching may be considered before endodontics if discoloration is the main problem.
Also, for white teeth after endodontic treatment, you can use white fillings, or filling compositions if necessary.


In the SKY DENTAL CONCEPT dental practice, we use one of the most modern devices for endodontic dental treatment – VDW Reciproc. It is an endo-motor with an integrated apex locator. VDW Reciproc works in both reciprocal and continuous mode, depending on the mode of operation chosen by the dentist. The apex locator is a device that signals how far we are from the apex of the tooth root. Based on the sound signal and the graphic representation of the position of the needle on the device itself, the dentist knows exactly in which part of the root canal the needle, that is, the expander, is located at all times. With this procedure, the possibility of error in root canal treatment is reduced to a minimum, which achieves the maximum therapeutic effect of endodontic treatment.

When the use of a digital X-ray machine as a control mechanism is added to all of the above, we guarantee an efficient and extremely precise final result of the therapy.

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