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BioHPP material (high performance polymers) has found its place in modern dentistry as an exceptional solution for the production of crowns, bridges and prostheses.

PEEK (polyetheretherketone) has long been used in medicine as an implant material (spine prostheses, artificial hips and other prostheses) because it is the most similar to human bone, and for the needs of dentistry it is enriched with ceramic particles, which is how BioHPP was obtained.

This biocompatible and metal-free material, due to its elasticity close to bone, is an excellent solution for the construction of prosthetic restorations, especially for large works on implants. They are subject to torsion just like human bone during chewing functions, and it is lighter than other materials, thus protecting implants from overloading.

Considering that it is not soluble in liquids, there are almost no allergies to it, and its white color aesthetically complements the application of this material. BioHPP makes the construction of prosthetic work, and crowns and bridges are made of metal-free ceramics or composite materials.

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