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  • In modern dentistry, lasers occupy an important place in surgical procedures.
  • Laser technology represents an evolution in medical technology and an irreplaceable support for traditional dental techniques.
  • There is almost no branch of dentistry in which the laser is not used today, from prosthetics to surgery.
  • The effect of the laser on soft tissues is to provide a less invasive surgery, a minimum of postoperative complications and intervention without pain.

Laser treatments we offer:

  • AFTE

Lasers are quite effective in the treatment of all types of infections (sterilization of the working field and biostimulating effect). That is why the treatment of gangrene, peri-implantitis (tissue infection around the implant) and disinfection of periodontal pockets is extremely successful with the use of lasers.

The laser has a strong effect on bacteria, due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Minimal aggressiveness is the reason why patients tolerate laser interventions incomparably better.

In surgical interventions where a laser was used, the healing time is shorter, without scarring and bleeding, often no sewing is required. As a surgical instrument, the laser makes extremely precise, bloodless incisions. Many patients confirm a significant reduction in postoperative pain. Clear visibility of the operative field reduces the risk of infection for the patient. This improves the healing process, speeding up the patient’s recovery.

When using lasers for dental treatment, we primarily mean the sterilization of tooth root canals in case of gangrene and endodontic treatments. Compared to mechanical-chemical treatment, the laser is up to 70% more efficient, which achieves a more certain treatment outcome.

The laser proved to be an ideal solution in maintaining dental hygiene. The ability of the laser to destroy the bacteria in the periodontal pockets and free the pockets of diseased and infected tissue has enormous potential, not only in terms of stopping the development of periodontal disease, but also as a quick and simple prophylaxis.

It can be used to desensitize canker sores and cold sores. Laser treatment does not accelerate the healing of canker sores, but it significantly reduces painful sensations already after the first treatment, while herpes stops and accelerates healing.

In prosthetics , before taking an impression, instead of the painful and unpleasant placing of thread in the sulcus (the space between the teeth and gums), the method of laser troughing (opening of the sulcus) is used, which is more comfortable for the patient and faster, and allows the dentist to make a better and more accurate impression. When lengthening the clinical dental crown, patients usually do not have any symptoms and can be fitted with a crowns or veneers.

In aesthetic dentistry, it is very suitable for carrying out teeth whitening procedures. With laser teeth whitening, the intervention time is significantly shortened (20-40 minutes). The treatment is one session. Tooth sensitivity, which normally occurs after teeth whitening, is significantly reduced or completely absent. The effects of bleaching are better. The method is completely safe and secure for the tooth structure and the patient’s health.

The extreme tolerability of the treatment allows a reduction in the use of anesthesia in most cases. This ensures a better relationship with patients who are afraid of dental interventions, and especially with children.

Laser treatment requires fewer patient visits.

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