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preserve the health of your gums and teeth with the help of periodontology

Healthy gums and healthy bone are the foundation of healthy teeth. Periodontology deals with gum health.

Periodontology is a branch of dentistry whose task is to cure various diseases of the gums, such as gingivitis and periodontopathy. By timely treatment of these diseases, we can avoid their unpleasant complications, as well as their ultimate consequence – tooth loss.

We try to emphasize the importance of preventive examinations and regular removal of tartar and thus help you to prevent tooth decay, gum inflammation and many other problems. Also, our goal is to perform any necessary intervention as quickly and painlessly as possible, using the most modern equipment.

First of all, we do the treatments in detail, in order to achieve the best possible and long-lasting results, but also to avoid potential complications. Our greatest success is satisfied patients who gladly return to us, but also every cured and saved tooth and every therapeutic and aesthetic solution that will improve your quality of life.

We are at your disposal for all types of interventions, and when it comes to periodontology, the following interventions are successfully performed in our practice every day:

  • Curettage of periodontal pockets
  • Gingivectomy
  • Covering exposed tooth necks
  • A flap of surgery


The main factor that causes the occurrence of this disease is dental ie. dental plaque. These are the soft deposits found on the teeth where colonies of bacteria live, which, either directly with their toxins and enzymes, or indirectly through the body’s immune reaction, damage all the supporting tissues of the teeth. Factors that significantly contribute to the onset and development of periodontitis and accelerate tooth decay are smoking, genetic predisposition and certain systemic diseases such as diabetes. Periodontal therapy involves dentists of various specialties.

In the case of an already inflamed periodontium, it is possible to apply specific antibiotic treatment methods in order to suppress the bacteria present in the oral cavity and gums. Then cleaning with curettage is performed, which avoids the ultimate consequence of periodontitis, which is tooth loss or extraction. In more complicated cases, surgical intervention called flap surgery is necessary.

Treatment includes measures that should be applied for a long time, and are determined by your dentist after assessing the severity of the condition. If you do lose a tooth, you should know that all is not lost. You can always turn to us to install a dental implant in the place of a lost tooth, or to make a bridge that will carry your remaining teeth. However, you must try to prevent it from happening. If the problem does arise, have confidence in periodontology and know that we will do everything to help you. If the problem does arise, have confidence in periodontology and know that we will do everything to help you.

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