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Small holes in the teeth become large if the tooth is not repaired.

Tooth decay (rot) causes loss of hard dental tissue, and if it progresses to the dental pulp (nerve) and inflammation. That is why it is necessary to remove the caries and reconstruct the tooth to its original shape, color and dimension. Tooth reconstruction is the filling of the cavity (hole) in the tooth, which remains after caries removal. Considering that the tooth is being filled, we say that a filling has been made (a more familiar name for a filling is a filling). Aesthetic fillings, also known as white or composite fillings, restore and imitate the natural appearance of teeth. In addition to compensating for the loss of hard dental tissues, white fillings can be used for aesthetic purposes to change the size, color and shape of teeth.

What are the advantages of composite fillings (white fillings)?

  • They approximately match the natural color and appearance of the teeth
  • They bond micromechanically and chemically to the tooth structure
  • They completely harden within a few seconds
  • They can be used on all tooth surfaces without affecting aesthetics
  • Possible tooth sensitivity is minimal and short

Composite fillings are used in:

  • Restoration of caries
  • Fracture of the tooth crown
  • Corrections of color and shape

How are composite fillings (white fillings) placed?

The adhesive technique of placing a composite filling requires a certain dexterity of the dentist, as well as the cooperation of the patient, who must remain calm and not close his mouth during the filling.

The tooth must not come into contact with saliva because otherwise it will not bond well, which will significantly reduce the lifespan of the filling. This is difficult in some cases, especially if it is about the side teeth.

Composite materials are made in several types, depending on where they are placed. For the side teeth, they come in several colors, sub-shades and pigments, in order to fully reconstruct the color of the teeth. For side teeth, they are made in harder versions, due to their resistance to chewing forces.

During installation, the material is applied in layers and each layer is cured separately with light. The layers are placed in different colors because the tooth itself is not monochromatic. At the gum line, the tooth is yellow, then whiter, until it becomes somewhat transparent at the tips, depending on the thickness of the tooth.

Immediately after the filling is made, it is possible to have hypersensitivity of the teeth to stimuli, which is a normal reaction, especially if the tooth decay was deep. The sensitivity should gradually decrease over the next few days. If the filling was performed under local anesthesia (especially if it was mandibular anesthesia), it is better not to eat until the anesthesia wears off, so as not to injure the numb soft tissues (tongue, lips, cheek) during chewing.

Call us if:

  • If the hypersensitivity and tooth pain does not subside after the filling is made or if it intensifies
  • If after making it you feel that the filling is too high in your bite
  • The durability of composite fillings will depend on your lifestyle, bite, health condition of other teeth and oral hygiene. Teeth with fillings should be maintained in the same way as natural teeth, i.e. with proper daily oral hygiene. Regular check-ups with a dentist are also necessary.

The materials we use at the clinic are highly aesthetic composite materials that are classified as the most modern and highest quality composite materials, namely 3M ESPE Filtek Ultimate®.

We make composite fillings in such a way that they faithfully imitate a natural tooth by modeling every bump and depression that naturally exists on the side teeth.

We pay special attention to fillings in the front dental segment, where the shape and color of the filling aim to completely harmonize the filling and the teeth so that the transition is almost invisible.

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